The Villas

Terra Minoika Virtual Tour

No one could ever imagine that almost 3,000 square meters (sq.m.) of native, granite hardferrous-stone would be responsible for an environment so delicate to the senses!...


The valley, overgrown with olive-trees, vineyards and gardens

The ramshackled carcass of the Minoan Palace

The entrance to the Dead's Gorge, carved in perpendicular slopes as if by Titans, within numerable caves and wild goats around

The plain, pure white, orthodox St Antonios' chapel

The fishing boats and the seagulls, proud ornaments of a gulf belonging to a sea that stretches as far as the eye can see

The beach with the picturesque fish-taverns and its “Blue Flag”, awarded for its crystal-clear waters.

The mountains, full of wild natural beauty, scenting the unique fragrances of the herbs ofthe Cretan soil

The cloudless sky, which on the mainland is interrupted only by the mountain crests that crown the valley, and in the horizon meets the sea in an eternal erotic embrace

A composition of colours, sounds and fragrances, a conjectural crescendo that the creator conceived through divine inspiration but also a composition carefully decorated by a tactful human presence

Images that hardly quench the senses, but one can rejoice them either by simply gazingthrough the windows which adorn every apartment like beautiful paintings or by comfortably seated at the terraces and the countless spots of Terra Minoika (Minoan Land) dedicated toreverie.


A stone creation

A hymn to the traditional Greek architecture, built totally by native stone, closely tied to the environment

A surprise, even to the experts, due not only to its unique construction but also due to the architectural inspirations of its creators as well


They dominate the entrance to the village of Kato Zakros, at an altitude of 40 m. above the sea surface and 300m away from the seaside, with a panoramic, unhindered view to the bay and to all the sights of the area.